mbeddo is a unique platform and payment processor, providing "buy now" posts for social media, and processing orders from them directly.
You can use mbeddo social "Buy Now" posts organically, or you can promote your content using Facebook's own post-boosting system. We recommend sometimes boosting posts in order to increase exposure and sales beyond your own following.
Using mbeddo is free. We only charge a commission on sales. There are no other charges. 
mbeddo creates the possibility of making highly targeted instant sales to all the potential customers that view your products on Social Media, yet somehow never get round to actually making a purchase in your store. We ensure you sell that product at the peak of their interest.
Yes! mbeddo isn't only an effective way to sell, it's also a great way to grow your following. By letting Facebook users know you sometimes upload products exclusively to Facebook or with exclusive discounts, you can offer a real incentive to follow your company.
mbeddo posts are subject to the same algorithm that dictates post exposure as any other post.
mbeddo forbids the sales of certain items using the platform, these items include firearms and pornography. All items are subject to the terms and conditions of the social network being posted to. When posting on Facebook for example, that post must be applicable as per Facebook's own terms  and conditions.
The only judge of that can be yourself and your followers. If you have a large following socially, and you already make online sales, then it's reasonable to assume that you'll succeed selling socially. But it's also about the products you sell and the offers you make, and experience will tell you what works for you in this new and exciting sales medium.
Yes, if you plan on promoting a post it must fit Facebook's regular advertising guidelines, this includes pictures being less than 20% text.
mbeddo pays by bank transfer every Friday for all sales made, subject to a 10 working day hold.
mbeddo and its associated companies are regulated by the FCA in London, UK.
Absolutely not. We recognize many e-commerce outlets are satisfied with their e-commerce platform, and we don't necessarily want to persuade you to change. We're an additional, stand-alone channel for your sales and we pride ourselves on our "no commitment" attitude. In fact speak to one of our account managers and we'll even help show you how to use mbeddo directly in tandem with your existing e-commerce platform.
mbeddo is based between London and Geneva and run by a group of technology, marketing and finance experts. It's parent company, Xperedon, is a world leading solutions provider for the NGO sector.
mbeddo prides itself on going the extra mile in making out platform work for you. Speak to our customer service team and we'll do everything possible to help out.
mbeddo is available in most major currencies and we're adding new ones frequently on request. If your operating currency is not currently included please let us know so we can consider including it in the future.
Yes, you can alter delivery times and prices per region.
Any retailer operating from a jurisdiction enjoying normal trade relations with the United Kingdom can use mbeddo to sell.
No, users of all e-commerce platforms are welcome.
Credit card fees are included in mbeddo's quoted commission. There are no hidden or supplementary fees.
mbeddo is a payment processor and this service is included for all our clients. If you're expecting to sell over $20,000 worth of products a month and want to use mbeddo's features without mbeddo processing please contact our sales team to discuss.
No, never. Any retailer with a basic knowledge of e-commerce and social media can set up and start selling via social media posts within five minutes.
As many as you have! There's no additional fee based on the number of product uploads or social posts.
mbeddo is currently working on solutions for Instagram, Pinterest and more. Check back soon!
mbeddo is fully responsive and works in all recent browsers on desktops, also supporting all Android and IOS tablets and mobile devices, and their Facebook apps.
Yes! Every mbeddo vendor has an automatic Store that can be embedded in your website using just 1 line of code if you want to use it. There's nothing to install, maintain, plug-in, develop, or pay for. The embedding code can be found in the supplier admin pages.
As with most social tools, some of what mbeddo can do for you can be done manually, but that's a lot of hard work! mbeddo takes those chores and turns them into a pleasure. Meanwhile the social networks are each developing their own solutions, but these are going to be platform specific and are taking a long time to take shape. mbeddo is the only cross-platform, cross-device, independent solution available, and it's ready to use today.
Everything that mbeddo delivers is based around the idea of "embedding" solutions directly from the Cloud into other platforms, such as Facebook or your website. We develop and maintain all the tech on our servers, and deliver it via our exclusive embedding technologies, meaning once it's plugged-in, it never needs touching again.
Just go ahead and register, that's all you need to do! If you need help or you've got specific questions, please contact our sales team to discuss.



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