mbeddo is a unique, social media focused, selling and payment solution, delivering your potential customers the option to immediately purchase your products straight from their 'newsfeed'. Our platform is simple, effective and comes ready to sell within minutes, with our FCA regulated payment gateway included.

mbeddo's solution means your potential buyers NEVER leave their Facebook frame, their chats and notifications remaining active, even while entering their credit card details.

At mbeddo we work on the understanding that social media users don't want to be directed away from their primary content and dragged into bulky and hidden "Facebook stores". Recent developments in the social media sector support this understanding, with additions of products such as Facebook's 'Instant Articles' and auto-playing videos, that allow users to interact with content while not redirecting them away from their core social media experience. 

There's little 'social' about seeing a product, and needing to leave the social environment in order to buy it, with many potential buyers losing their motivation to buy along the way. That's where mbeddo steps in, delivering sales immediately after capturing your customers interest. 

mbeddo can be used to effectively leverage your existing social media followers by delivering impulse "buy now" content to users that already identify and believe in your brand, or to engage with new customers by promoting your post through Facebook's own advertising platform.

mbeddo is a division of Xperedon Inc, and the result of years of development and  investment. The mbeddo team is based in the UK and Switzerland and is made up of industry professionals in the fields of IT, Finance and Marketing.

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